Welcome! Let me introduce myself . . .

My name is Jane and I live near Ely, in the south east of England. I have recently retired from full time teaching (design and technology with 7-13 year old children) and am enjoying new art and craft projects in my attic!

I have been hand knitting for a few years, but for about a year have been learning machine knitting. I inherited my father’s two Brother machines and a few months ago bought a second hand chunky machine from a friend. I wish I had started this blog when I started the machine knitting, as the learning curve has been pretty steep and it might have encouraged other beginners to see that it Does Get Easier with time and practice and a lot of help from online tutorials and friendly forums (fora?)

as time goes by I will post up links to some of the people’s websites that have inspired me. I am so grateful for their generosity and help over the tearing my hair out times!



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