I finished this cute beret this weekend. We had been visiting father in law in the north-east if England, so, separated from my beloved knitting machine, I took my hand knitting with me.
The yarn is called crazy zauberball and makes fabulous rainbow patterns as you knit. It was quite an expensive wool, but one ball has made two hats and there is a little left over, so I am pleased with that.
The pattern is by KnittyNut and has a cable edge and neat decreases as you work the top.
I will add it to my stash of charity knits and donate it to a raffle or sell it to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research.

Weekend work


Lent 2014

Rather than giving up something enjoyable, I decided to make myself useful for the season. I love to knit and decided to make things for others and hopefully help a few charities. Orphaned babies and street children in Romania are in need of warm clothing, so I have been trying out various techniques, making little jumpers to keep them cosy.

I’m going to try to put up a few photos of my efforts, but am not sure how to do it yet.

Watch this space!